The Power of a Bristle Brush

Now at your finger tips!
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The Magic in the
Magic Bristle Gloves!

  • Reach & scrub inside tight places
  • Protect your nails and hands
  • Durable, non-scratching bristles
  • Non-stick and stainless steel safe
  • Use 100s of times
  • Machine washable
  • Comfortable with cloth lining
Cleans Everywhere & More
Not Available in Stores!
Effortlessly clean inside tough crevices like sink drains while keeping hands clean.
Reach behind handles and fixtures where ordinary brushes can’t get to.
In Between
Swiftly scrub in-betweens that are normally impossible to reach!
Scrub and Clean All Those Tough-to-Reach Places!

Strong yet gentle, Magic Bristle Gloves protect your hands while giving you the flexibility and power to easily clean real tough-to-reach places like inside drains, grout lines, around narrow corners, under shower doors, and under handles. Get inside all those tight spaces – like coffee pots or microwaves – for a thorough and swift scrubbing clean.

The Magic Technology

Easily clean and scrub where you never could before!

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Works Indoors and Outdoors
There’s nowhere these scrubbing fingers won’t fit!


Say goodbye to all
those sponges and
scrub brushes!

With Magic Bristle Gloves you can
eliminate all those other cleaning
tools that are costing you money and
cluttering your cabinets!


Stop Wasting Your
Time Using Scrub
Brushes That Don’t Fit!


• Reach All of the Places Scrub
Brushes Can’t!

• Protects your hands and fingernails!

• Good for 100s uses!

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